The Academy New York Spring/Summer 2022 Collection.

Collection Notes

Taking inspiration from late ‘90s and early 2000s rave culture, The Academy New York’s sixth collection is an ode to all-nighters, jungle, Spike Island and feelings of euphonic optimism. Much like how the dancefloor brought people from different races and different style subcultures together in the same way that the great Afro Caribbean carnivals of the time brought people together in music and celebration, and now, for Spring/Summer 2022, The Academy New York aims to bring everyone together, even if for a brief moment. 

Partying only became overtly political when it was criminalized. The climate is remarkably similar to that of the late 80s and early 90s in that thinking and feeling independently—and acting on those thoughts and beliefs to stand up for something that's worthwhile—is resistance. 

Clothes capturing the defiant spirit of the illegal rave scene come by way of iridescent metallic bodysuits, neon lime tailored suiting, mismatched multi-stripe Oxford shirt slip dresses and drop neck ruffled tuxedo shirts in linen. Graphics like ‘acid house’ and ‘artskooldysco’ appear on T-shirts and sweatsuits. New merch for this season includes sports-inspired mesh jersey tops and basketball shorts stamped with The Academy New York logo. 

Before smartphones invaded our pockets, brains and venues, all we had were our memories of the dancefloor.  Life without Instagram was a thing...


Vogue | The Academy New York Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear by Steff Yotka